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Tourmaline sheets and pillows

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Tourmaline sheets and pillows
Tourmaline, a gemstone for health, in the 21st century!!
Having a good-night sleep from the very first day of using the product!!

│ Description │

Tourmaline is directly touched with your skin, emitting far infrared rays and negative ions, which aids in stimulating blood circulation, increasing mental alertness and having a good-night sleep as well as relieving discomfort in your shoulder.

※ Tourmaline powder is contained at regular intervals.

│ Benefits │

  • Producing Far Infrared Rays
    by improving blood circulation it prevents the walls of blood vessel from hardening.
  • Creating a weak electric charge
    by stimulating cells, it kickstarts metabolism.
  • Emitting negative ions
    by decomposing lactic acid it activates functions
  • Antibacterial and deodorizing
    decomposing smells from humidity, etc.

│ Before/After │
Tourmaline Ultimate Comfort Cotton Sheet Before/After


Experiment Results of Using
Tourmaline Sheet after 20 minutes

Water Design Laboratory in Japan (AMI results)
On Sep. 17, 2011, the results of comparing the ratio of an alternating electric circuit’s voltage to its current showed that using tourmaline sheets increased AP(autonomic nervous system), IQ(defense mechanism) and BP (body fluid and energy circulation) all together.

It has proved that the product is a useful aid for those who suffer from diseases and fatigue as well as sleep deprivation. It has the powerful capacity to increase a natural healing power.

│ Tourmaline Content │
Tourmaline compounded with elements such as magnesium, iron, boron and silicon emits far-infrared rays and anions when it is directly touched with skin.

│ Improving your blood circulation │
By expanding capillaries, the gemstone has been known as a useful aid for increasing the body temperature, animating skin and boosting metabolism. Blood circulation can also be strengthened as the gemstone absorbs heat from the human body and sends back the heat to the body.

│ Tourmaline is good for those who have any of the following symptoms │

  • Having difficulties in having a sound sleep
  • Experiencing an abnormally low temperature in the body
  • Backache, discomfort in the shoulder
  • Migraine
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Those who are concerned about snoring
  • Those who suffer from excruciating menstrual pain
100% of tourmaline content can have the products be revived semi-permanently.
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Tourmaline sheets and pillows